About Composite CE

The idea for Composite CE came following a vacation to  Burlington, Vermont. My wife and I had spent the week vacationing in Vermont and as we traveled home and brainstormed our next getaway,  I mentioned that I wanted to get more CE in before the holidays. We really love to travel and, with time at a premium, often try to incorporate CE into our vacations so that we’re not taking too much time away from the practice.
As we researched continuing education topics that were of interest, we realized that there had been an implant course at a hotel just a couple of miles from the hotel that we were staying during the same week we’d been in Vermont. We could have kicked ourselves! But how were we to know? It’s not like there’s some up to date central repository for dental education courses. Sure, CE brochures would show up in the mail every so often from local  vendors and universities, but there was no way to get a global look at the locations and topics that were being offered. We undertook some more comprehensive researching and were blown away by the variety and scope of the courses out there. Pretty much any city we’d talked about visiting had multiple courses available, at multiple times throughout the year.
Combining continuing education with  travel plans makes sense from a financial and  an efficiency standpoint. And so Composite CE was born.  We have made it our mission to create an easily searchable database of education opportunities, so that YOU decide where you want to go and what you want to learn about.
It’s the most comprehensive source of live dental continuing education opportunities out there (trust us, we’ve looked!) We hope you have fun perusing the courses and planning your next vacation!
James R. Finley, DDS
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